Flying Spiders

So I went into the shower and found some kind of eight-legged insect staring down at me from the ceiling.

At least, I THOUGHT it was eight-legged. I don’t know. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. It looked like a spider to me. But all of a sudden, the… the thing flew. I don’t know; are spiders supposed to fly?

The arachnophobia’s coming in.

Anyway, this wordpress thing… I don’t know. It’s so different from tumblr (but then again, tumblr’s not really much of a word blog; just my observation). I just can’t seem to get it to work the way I want it to.

Well, I guess I could say the same thing about life. So can so many other people, I suppose.

Today, I read a section in a book called “Criminal Book Conspectus.” I have no idea what conspectus means, but I suppose that’s what dictionaries are for.

conspectus (kuhn-spek-tuhs) n.(

1. a general or comprehensive view; survey.
2. a digest; summary; résumé

I guess we should use the first meaning.

Anyway, the section was all about slander, oral defamation, and gossip. Mostly about the third one. It went like this:

4. Gossiping is oral defamation if a defamatory fact is imputed to another. If there is no such imputation, it can still be intriguing against honor (Art. 364). Intriguing entails secret plots, trickery, strategy, and so forth (People vs. Fontanilla, CA, 56 O.G. 193), but if there is a defamatory imputation, the crime is slander, and the act of intriguing is absorbed therein. 

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. The first time I read this, I got this feeling. Like, why am I even reading this? But then I realized that if this was true, if gossiping really is a crime if you mean to hurt someone, then a lot of people in school would be in juvy or rehab or something.

Just a thought.

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