The Perks of Being an Acne Sufferer

There are absolutely none.

So like I was talking to my mom a while ago. She’d insisted on tying my hair in a ponytail and pinning my bangs back, both of which are things I don’t do. I have really bad skin, see, and it’s not as bad as people say or think it is. It’s much worse.

I just don’t get how my classmates could have hair all over their entire face and not have it break out into pimples. I just don’t get why I got so annoyed at our batch valedictorian who’d chimed in with “So guys, get rid of all the pimples! Wash your face, okay?” when we were talking about our upcoming competition.

Maybe it’s because she was wrong.

If I followed her advice, my skin would be GLOWING. It would be majestic, the skin of a goddess. But no. If you have skin like mine, then it’s not about puberty or hormones anymore. It’s about your genes and you can’t just get rid of all your acne by washing your face.

Yes, I know you get it. It really sucks to have skin like mine, and I know I shouldn’t be typing furiously about it because I can’t do anything about it.

But I get this feeling inside of me every time I look at the faces of my classmates. My stomach twists in envy each time I overhear a friend complaining about her appointment with her dermatologist. 

If I could just scrub my face with water and solve all my problems, then believe me, I’d be doing that every hour. People who can afford to do that don’t know how lucky they are. 

I have to splash random crap on my face and THEN rub all sorts of medicine on it. All prescribed by Ms. Dermatologist, thank you. Add that with my quite unappealing chest and back, and suddenly you’d be staring at a huge mound of money that can practically pay for your electricity bill. Go figure.

Rant over. I mean, there are people out there dying of cancer or getting hit by their husbands or whatever and here I am complaining about my skin problems. Yes, yes, I drew some bad luck when I got born (writers can kill me for that sentence just now). I guess it was really nice to just let some steam out. Thanks for putting up with this really useless one.


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