Getting Into Cosplay (Again)

I had this idea a few months ago that basically involved me doing some sort of cosplay.

So my dad bought this blond wig in ebay for 33 dollars (this includes shipping). It arrived a few days before I was supposed to go to my friend’s house. And you can guess what we did for pretty much the entire time.

Oh, and let’s not forget Literacy Week. For two hundred pesos worth of books from Scholastic, I became Rose Lalonde (blond wig hastily shoved on my head + mouth caked in black lipstick = close enough…) for a few minutes. Then the wig started sliding off and my hair started poking out. People watched me dip my finger into my wig to make it cover my hairline; it became so humiliating that I had to borrow my friend’s fedora at one point.

I got out of cosplay for a while.

Well, I guess the fire’s started again. Figuratively. I want to be Kanaya Maryam this time. And thank goodness the wig is black. I haven’t ordered it yet but it’s pretty nice.

Next is the costume.

I didn’t say I’d make it, though. I’m useless at sewing; my fingers just won’t cooperate. You can ask people. Whoever they are, they will probably agree with me.


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