The Cannibal Baby

A poem I made in fifth grade. No offense to people named Bruce. Or Moose. (What was I thinking when I wrote this? And why do I still have it? Anyway…)

The Cannibal Baby

In this certain carnival
There is this guy
He is a cannibal
He wants you to die

His name is Bruce
He is in shackles
When he’s in prison
Bruce always cackles

If you come near
He will kill you
He gulps down a beer
And then he eats you

He never stops when he starts to eat
Bruce starts with the head
Then leaves out the feet
For the meat is already in shreds

The cannibal’s mother
Her name was Moose
She never did bother

To care for her Bruce

Moose was a hunter
As human as can be
Who met the future father
Of Bruce the baby

A wolf was the father
He was a different kind
But Moose did not bother
Moose did not mind

Soon after Bruce was born
Moose had to depart
So Bruce’s father was forlorn
And it broke his heart

He howled in pain
He howled for his Moose
He howled in sunlight and rain
But he neglected his baby Bruce

Bruce loved to eat
All sorts of animals
He sucked on their meat
Then craved humans

This is the story
Of the cannibal baby


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