My Thoughts on Haylor

So I saw this tweet about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Taylor is like ice cream and Harry is like pizza alone they’re amazing but together, ew.

Well, you know what I think? I say, let them be together. They’re young. They love each other. They want to be together. Isn’t that enough? 

Did you know? Taylor Swift has been getting death threats. Why? Just because she loved Harry Styles and wanted to be happy together with him. So what if they will break up in a few weeks, a few months, a few years? That’ll just mean things didn’t work out between them. But is that a guarantee? Why would anyone hook up with someone he/she loves just to break up with that someone later on? Dears, there are no guarantees in love. Anything can happen.

Although they’re both very famous people, the fact remains. They’re still people. They’re humans, just like us. They live their life in search of happiness. Who are you, who am I to stop them?

I get that there are many girls out there in this world who are in love with Harry Styles. Out of those girls, about, let’s say, ninety-five percent of them claim to be Harry’s wife. Excuse me while I go burst into laughter. Let’s be realistic here. I’m pretty sure that Harry hasn’t even seen many of his wives in person. 

On the other hand, he’s real tight with Taylor. If he wants to be her guy, and she wants to be his girl, who are we to stop them? 


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