New Year’s Resolutions

These, as said by the title, are my New Year’s resolutions. Oh boy, that first one.

1. Sleep early.
2. Write a novel.
3. Sell an EP. 
4. Get an A in Math.
5. Finish reading all the books on my shelf.
6. Fill a notebook with poems.
7. Finish a fanfiction I haven’t looked at in around a year.
8. Get fifty followers.
9. Learn to play two instruments.
10. Finish a drawing. A real one, not one of those horrible cartoon sketches I do in class.

Those are the little ones… the ones that I want to happen. And, well, all those little ones, they’re for me. Although yes, I want to make others happy, I want to make myself happy first; if I’m not happy with what I do, how can I expect others to be? Which brings me to part two of my resolutions.

1. Raise awareness for a cause.
2. Be more conscious with my words.
3. Donate money.

I guess I should also add stop procrastinating to the first list, but you know. Let’s wait and see. 😉


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