Ang Medalya (Arturo Dominguez Jr.)

I really, really needed to like this book. Not because I wanted to, but because I needed to. It was a requirement for class in the fourth quarter.

Ang Medalya tells the tale of a thirteen-year-old boy named Rodel who visits San Luis, the home of his cousin Nardo. There, he makes friends with Rowena, as well as other people. But somehow, he gets on the wrong side of Dado, who gets green with envy at the mere thought of Rowena developing an… interest in Rodel. Dado is basically the town bully: together with his friends, Bubot and Andy, Dado forms a plan to “befriend” Rodel and persuades him into coming with Dado and his friends to climb the mountain, Tigmawag. They eventually get there and when they get the chance, Dado and his friends abandoned Rodel. Rodel gets lucky though because an old hermit named Tandang Kandor finds him. Things go wrong, however, when Dado, Bubot, and Andy get kidnapped by a rebel group.

Honestly, I think the writing was overdone a bit. The words were huge and although the story was in Filipino, there were some strange bursts of English in between some parts.

Also, the plot was quite… I don’t know. Odd? Peculiar? Dado is thirteen years old. Why would he waste his time bringing Rodel to the mountain and letting him get lost there on purpose? Even though he is practically the biggest jerk around, I doubt even the biggest thirteen-year-old jerk would wish such things on someone like that. But no. Dado had to get revenge on Rodel, who didn’t even do anything to him.


So even after all these weeks, I still can’t bring myself to like this book. Sorry, Mr. Dominguez.


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