An Interview with Amelia Pond


Oh dear. When I first saw the prompt for today, the first character that came to my mind was the Doctor from the BBC sci-fi, Doctor Who. But then I realized that the Doctor wasn’t actually my favorite… it’s funny, really. I find the Doctor’s companions more fascinating than the Doctor himself. And among the Doctor’s companions, Amelia Pond – better known as Amy – has to be my favorite.

Frances (F): Hey, Amy. I just saw the episode The Angels Take Manhattan and I must say, when the angel touched you, I realized that from Rory’s… departure until that moment, my mouth was hanging open.

Amy Pond (AP): Really?

F: Yes, really. It was so hard for me. I’ve gotten so used to you and Rory travelin’ around with the Doctor on the TARDIS… I’ve never really pictured you two leaving. 

AP: I think it would’ve been worse, though, if I’d just let the angel take Rory.

F: Yes, I think so too… Speaking of Rory, how’s life with him?

AP: Normal. We adopted a son named Anthony a while back… we have a house and it’s a pretty good one. Our lives are so… ordinary. Before we were taken, we used to have two lives: Doctor life and normal life. We actually saw more of Doctor life than the other one that it just became… the other life.

F: The other life.

AP: The normal one, where we didn’t have to worry about getting killed every five seconds.

F: Oh. Can I ask another thing?

AP: *shrugs* Be my guest.

F: How was it like, having Melody and not getting the chance to raise her?

AP: The Silence took her.

F: Yes.

AP: They raised her, when it was supposed to be me. After what happened at Demon’s Run, I felt like I was missing something. I mean, I had Rory and the Doctor… but there was something not in the picture, y’know. I waited for a long time. I thought that maybe there was still a way to get her back. But then we started going on all those adventures again and I realized that as much as the Doctor and Rory wanted to, they couldn’t.

F: That must have been horrible.

AP: Yes, it was, and to be honest, you’re no good at the sympathy card.

F: Yeah, I know. At least I was trying. Wait, you said you waited for a long time. First, you waited for the Doctor that night, when you first met. When he didn’t come, you waited for so many years… until he came back for you. Tell me about the Doctor.

AP: Yeah, he did come back. ‘Twas hard to wait, but I got it eventually. And he’s the madman with the blue box. He makes people think that he’s not lonely, but he’s not fooling anyone.

F: He isn’t.

AP: Nope, he’s not. He’s lonely, he hates endings… but he’s the Doctor. He always comes back.

I think I was a bit out of character on both ends. Oh, well. I tried, so do forgive me, please. Plus, it’s nearly midnight here; I must be heading off to bed.


6 thoughts on “An Interview with Amelia Pond

  1. “AP: Nope, he’s not. He’s lonely, he hates endings… but he’s the Doctor. He always comes back.”

    😦 he is lonely – it’s kind of sad. Great stuff. She’s defo one of the best companions

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