Amare: To Love (Bitterly)

To Gaby, who asked me to write about friends.

Sometimes it feels like forever
Like an eternity
Full of moments stretched
From end to end
A chorus of laughter
Ringing in the air
Lingering after
Its owners have gone
An echo of tears
Salty, bittersweet
Lingering after
The minutes are done
There was a beginning to all this
A second frozen in time
But one I can’t
My years do not whisper
Not the tiniest murmur
My history cannot tell
Yet my mind speaks the truth
There was a time I had none
Not a single soul
To giggle
To whistle
To weep with me
To have known my stories
To remember and see
But even if I can’t recall a time
Not illuminated by their shadows
Not imprinted by their words
I dread the next chapter
Perhaps it’s strange of me
But it all makes sense
Every prologue has an epilogue
And for all these years
For all these seconds uncounted
There will
Be an


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