“Why Harry Potter kinda sucks” – A Response

Maybe I shouldn’t even be glorifying this post (by the user twigurrl) with a response, but I have way too much time on my hands, I think know. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, indeed – and I’m entitled to my own.
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My Adventures in Fandom

The first fandom I got into was Harry Potter.

I was in fourth grade, and was being prodded by a certain teacher to read Harry Potter (she was a Potterhead, yes). She did it quite indirectly, sometimes asking me why I wasn’t quite fond of the series. Eventually, I gave in. On my tenth birthday, I was given the whole series, tucked safely in a beautiful box. I started reading immediately, and needless to say, I loved it. 

About a year later though I grew out of my “phase.” During one of our Writer’s Club meetings, they passed around free tattoos of Katniss’s mockingjay pin. Y’know, the Hunger Games. Curiosity got over me and I borrowed a copy of the first book from my classmate. All I can say is this: It was hard for me to return it. I was hooked.

My Hunger Games phase lasted longer than my Harry Potter one. I wrote countless fanfictions in my head, but the number of fics I posted came just shy of twenty before I got too lazy. Some of the fics were embarrassing, others were alright. Although, the story that received the most reviews (200+!) was a product of my bored mind. Shameful.

When I wasn’t writing Hunger Games fics, I was writing Ace Attorney ones. I’d played the Ace Attorney games before I discovered Harry Potter. Replaying them was real fun because my understanding of the plot grew with my age. 

During Christmas vacation last year, I got really obsessed with Glee and bought the entire season one and most parts of season two. It was a waste, though, because I probably only watched each episode once. Anyway, I just found it hard to shut up about Glee and even asked my mother a few times to (please) head to the huge bookstore and buy the CDs on the way back from work.

I soon outgrew it. But I couldn’t forget the Hunger Games trilogy or the Ace Attorney series; I was just as obsessed as ever and I couldn’t seem to shake it off. At least, that was what I thought until my friend Gabby dragged me and my life into the black hole called Homestuck.

Ah, Homestuck. If you haven’t heard about it… more on it later. Maybe a separate post? I can’t explain it all. But basically it’s about this kid named John who goes through really crazy stuff. As in REALLY crazy. 

It took me a few months to catch up to the latest update but I managed. How could I not, with Gab nagging me every time she sees me on Facebook and in real life? Suddenly, drawings of trolls started filling my free time (fanfics were too much work, unfortunately). Tumblr became my second home, various fanart of my different ships became my furniture. I swear, I even have a pen sketch of Rose and Kanaya kissing… in my music notebook, of all places.

My social life withered. My classmates just didn’t get it. They were the people who would reblog hipster stuff and tweet about their problems with people instead of their problems with ships. They fangirled about Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall – not about John, Rose, Jade, and Dave. They shipped celebrities, not characters. They didn’t take me seriously, and they still don’t. They probably never will. Oh well. Having a somewhat nomadic fandom life, I don’t take myself too seriously either.